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The Reality of Rampant Rankism

We learn something new every day.   In Wikipedia is this explanation of a term called “Rankism”.  As I read I was surprised to find how well it fits what we are experiencing in Eastern New Mexico. Rankism is “abusive, discriminatory, … Continue reading

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Polls – Puzzling or Predicting…

Everyone wants to be able to tell the future, especially a candidate running for office. Campaigns spend dollars taking survey samples of voters to be able to know just how they are going to vote in the next election. Getting … Continue reading

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Looking for the Truth…

What’s the difference between what is true and what is the truth? It is correct to say that everything found in the truth is also true. But that doesn’t work the other way around. Things that are true are not always the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Conservative philosophy based on the premise that individual people have special value. The love of God for human kind and for his creation should be the basis of all government – to enable the individual to reach their full potential … Continue reading

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