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It’s Very Taxing…

 Question? What nation’s government raises taxes in a recession?  Chief Justice Roberts has given us a real wake up call – Obamacare is only a tax, a big tax, a new tax, and more than one!  Dance at a liberal party, and you will pay the piper for sure! Here’s … Continue reading

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Water for the Ogallala from a Real Playa – Goodwin Lake

More than a retention pond, Goodwin Lake, now the site of Goodwin Lake Trails, is a playa lake,  a valuable wetlands ecosystem.  Playas are temporary, closed-basin wetlands (specialized clay bottom areas) that are important recharge zones for the Ogallala Aquifer. … Continue reading

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The Garden of Eden – or Fire in the Wilderness

Next Saturday,  there is a rally in Ruidoso against the misguided policies of the Forest Service that allowed so many homes to burn recently in the Little Bear fire.   When you have the wrong ideas in place,  you take the … Continue reading

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O Susana!

Recent news from Joe Monahan’s blog reveals the shadow government being run by Jay McCleskey, political adviser to Governor Susana Martinez.  You can read about it and the fallout at .    Other links obtained from his blog include The New Mexican here … Continue reading

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Back On Line

Writing for a cause is energizing.   During recent campaigns, there were issues that needed scrutiny and that this blog vigorously addressed.  But, after victory has been won, it has taken the time to refocus and to decide what direction it … Continue reading

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Doing the Homework on Spears

Everyone might not have done their homework yet, but checking out the claims of candidates should be a priority for voters.  Every little bit of light that shines brings some reality into view.  Here is a little reality for you: … Continue reading

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