Silencing the Vote.

The Obama administration is working to silence conservative voices and hinder voter integrity by using ruthless IRS targeting and unwarranted probes by government agencies. The link posted here is the video testimony of Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, a non-profit election integrity organization, before Congress on harrassment by the IRS and other agencies.

If the administration can slow or stop the work of such organizations, they can affect the vote that would be rightfully cast in coming elections. True the Vote is fighting back, and support is increasing. The story and video are here:
Senator Ted Cruz’s office helpfully posted a link to a full video of the testimony.

On the Home Front: In case you had not heard, Media guidelines at the Clovis News Journal have been put in place to silence the High Plains Patriots ability to speak to current issues including elections, or to respond to news articles even when the Patriots are the topic of an article. According to the guidelines:

• Writers will be limited to one letter published every 30 days and only one letter per topic per year. (no continued commenting on BHSI by anyone)
• Letters on behalf of organizations or groups will not be accepted. (no letters on behalf of the Patriots)

You can read all the guidelines here:

The News Journal is only one source of local informaiton, and we shall pursue many other options to keep you, the concerned citizen informed on local issues, and to respond. Your vote is precious, and those you elect will carry our city into new challenges in the coming years. We will not be silenced during an election year, and we will not retreat from pursuing integrity and accountability in our government officials.

About Conservative Frontiers

Written by Carolyn Spence, or other authors as shown. Conservative philosophy based on the premise that individual people have special value. The love of God for human kind and for his creation should be the basis of all government - to enable the individual to reach their full potential and to restrict evil from interfering with that process. Each person brings a unique potential to our world. Together we have the ideas, skills, and talents necessary to solve the problems of our day and our tomorrow.
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