The Rest of the Story on BHSI

Over time and history, people have learned that sunshine is necessary in government affairs. Light brings accountability to government officials. Like all the rest of humanity, officials are more careful with spending, as well as with policy, when their constituents are watching, and when they are aware. Keeping official actions out of the public eye removes them from the checks and balances that protect taxpayer’s funds.

The loss of over $2.8 million in the failed Beauty Health and Science Innovations, Inc. (BHSI) project has been investigated. A revision of the methods by which economic development projects are approved and funded has begun with the appointment of an ad hoc committee by the Clovis City Commission. However, the reports have not disclosed email communications between the City and the CIDC (Clovis Industrial Development Corp.) from before the start of the project. These documents reveal the rest of the story. A request for public records in this case was made because it is important to understand how the City walked into a project that turned out to be a scam by Brian Sperber, a dual citizen of the US and Guatemala.

One year ago this column provided links to the Sperber credit report, and other information on Sperber’s history. That column can be read here:
This year we have finally received the public record of discussions between City officials and the CIDC after the credit report was obtained, but before funds were released to BHSI. That part of the story can make a difference in how multi-million dollar projects are handled in the future. The emails reveal how concerns were addressed and whether sunshine was encouraged to do its job. To that end, the emails are provided here for public view. Comments are added for clarification. BHSI emails with comment

The emails do confirm and further clarify the timeline of events reported in the Underwood report. That timeline is copied here: timeline
The credit report can be read here sperber credit report
The summary of the Underwood Report can be read here: underwood final
To give feedback to your City and/or County Commissioners, go to these websites:

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