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Written by Carolyn Spence, or other authors as shown. Conservative philosophy based on the premise that individual people have special value. The love of God for human kind and for his creation should be the basis of all government - to enable the individual to reach their full potential and to restrict evil from interfering with that process. Each person brings a unique potential to our world. Together we have the ideas, skills, and talents necessary to solve the problems of our day and our tomorrow.

The Real Story on NMPED Common Core Indoctrination

The following letter was received from Lynda Milburn, retired educator, who attended an NMPED sponsored presentation on Common Core. Her great distress over what the state is willing to do to our children in order to get federal money touched … Continue reading

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Foundations of Freedom – On Your Mark

When the founders of our government gathered to form a more perfect union, they were educated and intelligent men working carefully to assure the freedoms of the nation they were building. The documents on which they founded the relationships between … Continue reading

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Watch the Sheriff – That’s the One Who Watches Out for You!

Last night’s forum gave the High Plains Patriots some sound reassurances regarding protection of our Constitutional rights from the three candidates for Curry County Sheriff. One of the questions posed at the candidate forum was this: The 2nd Amendment to … Continue reading

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The Clovis News Journal isn’t Telling the Truth.

The CNJ needs some accuracy in its reporting of City Commission votes. The headline in the CNJ today says that a Chamber of Commerce request for Lodgers Tax funds to support a Chamber events coordinator salary were denied. That’s not … Continue reading

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Put Constitutional Limits on Obamacare

Our magnificent Constitution gives us teeth for limiting the damage being caused by Obamacare. According to Charles R. Kesler in his article “The Tea Party, Conservatism, and the Constitution” the Independent Payments Advisory Board is set up to operate in … Continue reading

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Silencing the Vote.

The Obama administration is working to silence conservative voices and hinder voter integrity by using ruthless IRS targeting and unwarranted probes by government agencies. The link posted here is the video testimony of Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, … Continue reading

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First Consequences on BHSI – Tort Claims Filed

As one prominent citizen of Clovis, a member of the CIDC, noted recently, when there are mistakes made in private industry, heads roll and someone suffers the consequences of making a bad decision. In the case of the loss of … Continue reading

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