The Real Story on NMPED Common Core Indoctrination

The following letter was received from Lynda Milburn, retired educator, who attended an NMPED sponsored presentation on Common Core. Her great distress over what the state is willing to do to our children in order to get federal money touched us deeply. Since the local newspaper won’t print her comments, and since what she has to say is significant, we are sending her letter to you. Please send us your ideas on how to defeat this insidious threat to our childrens education. You can reach Lynda at

I attended the Common Core meeting yesterday at the Bella Vista School. This “town hall” meeting was hosted and presented by the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED). At one time we had been told that PED Hannah Skandera would be present–she was not! After introductory remarks were made, and a video about how great CC was for our students was shown, we had “breakout sessions” that we could attend. We could choose which session we wanted to attend. These “breakout sessions” were:

The What, Where, Why and How of the Common Core State Standards
Common Core in the Elementary Classroom
Common Core in the Middle and High School Classroom
Common Core for the College-Bound
Common Core for Career Preparation

Since I taught at CHS for 32 years, I chose Common Core in the Middle and High School Classroom. After our facilitator showed another video and made her presentation, she opened it up to questions. One of the first questions that a parent asked was “Why wasn’t CC phased in gradually starting with kindergarten and first grade instead of dropping it on us all at once?” There was some discussion on this from several in the group, and the facilitator said we didn’t have time to wait 12 years to phase CC in.”

Several parents commented that their child had been an A student and because of CC (apparently mostly in the math area), that child had brought home his/her first D. The student and the parent were totally frustrated and mad because the student did NOT understand what was being taught, and the parent had no idea how to help the student. There was one brave sophomore student in the group who had come with her mother. She stated her frustration with what her experience with CC had been. She was in tears by the time she finished talking. (I thought she was so brave to speak up in front of so many adults and the PED people!) The facilitator stated several times during the discussion that people should go to the PED website for information or talk to the student’s teacher. Well, there were several brave and concerned teachers in our group, and they were just as frustrated as their students were!

The facilitator received lots and lots of “feedback” from this group of parents and teachers! One person asked “What are you going to do with all the feedback you have received?” The facilitator replied, “This meeting is not for feedback. This meeting is to tell you about what Common Core is.” To be honest, I think our facilitator was a very nice lady. She admitted several times that she could not answer some of their questions. I heard from fellow retirees who attended the other sessions that their facilitator was rude and very abrupt when a question was asked about CC which apparently she did not want to discuss. There was a lot of discussion in our group. I felt that some of the people were totally frustrated, and others were just down right mad! All were very concerned about what CC was doing to our children–regardless of the child’s age or grade level.

I did ask the facilitator what was the highest level of math that was going to be taught at high school. She said it would be Alg. II. (I had heard this from other sources, and I wanted to “check it out”.) I asked–what about the student who is taking trig or calculus? She said “Oh, that student has exceeded our standards so we aren’t worried about that student.” A math teacher in the group spoke up and said she was glad that I asked that question. According to what she had to say, there are at least 200 students who failed Alg. I this year, and they will have to repeat the class next year. The teacher who previously taught trig. or calculus would not be teaching that subject next year, but would be needed to “reteach” these students who failed Alg. I. Someone in the audience did say that we have students in high school who cannot add or subtract. I admit this is startling information, and I think something is wrong if a student is in high school and can’t do basic arithmetic. Personally, I think allowing the student to rely on a calculator has damaged he/her math skills. Take his/her computer/calculator away, and how much math does he/she really know!!

There were several other things that were discussed. I was very impressed with the comments that were made by these parents and teachers. I admit that my “quotes” in this email may not be word for word, but they are basically what my feeble mind remembers. I don’t mean to misrepresent anything that took place in this breakout session.

At the end of the session I spoke up and told the group that I knew this town hall meeting was sponsored by the PED, but I wanted them to know there was going to be another important meeting about CC. It will be May 8 (Thurs.) in the Ingram Room at our local library at 5:30, and Kris Nielsen will discuss the negative side of Common Core. (I did this at the very end so the facilitator would not have a chance to stop me!) PLEASE ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT MEETING!

There was an article on the front page of the CNJ this morning about this CC meeting. When I read the entire article, I admit I was disturbed about the slanted way I felt reporter, Emily Crowe, wrote the article. Emily Crowe introduced herself to me after the meeting. She said she would like to ask me a couple of questions. She asked me what I thought of the meeting and did I learn anything. I told her I was glad that so many parents and teachers had attended the meeting. I also told her that I felt I had learned a lot. (I did learn a lot from the comments that were made during the breakout session that I attended). I told her I saw a lot of very frustrated parents and teachers. (I admit I don’t remember every single word I said. A lot was going on around us while this conversation was taking place.)

Well, this is what she wrote in the paper–in case you don’t read the paper:
Retired educator Lynda Milburn said she had found many frustrated parents and teachers in the area who are still trying to figure out how best to help their students get through the transition to CC. “I learned a lot and I was glad to see the parents get involved and talked about frustrations,” she said. (CNJ’s wording!)

Personally, I feel like the way this has been worded might indicate to some that I approve of CC. I oppose Common Core 100%! I think it is the worst thing that has ever happened to our educational system. I think it hurts our kids and is totally unfair to our teachers. I think it is clearly a world-wide indoctrination system promoted by the liberals in our country. I think big-money, power-hungry people are out to see that more government control takes over this country. As I have stated before, big government has taken over our healthcare system, and now they are out to take over our educational system and our youth! Wait until you see the curriculum for social studies and science!

One more thing–one of the handouts from this meeting states:

The CCSS (Common Core State Standards) do not require schools to use specific curriculum or teaching methods–those decisions will continue to be made at a local level by school boards, superintendents, principals, and teachers.” Maybe the PED thinks they can get by with making this statement because of the word “specific”, however, I have had so many teachers tell me that this is totally a lie. The curriculum is test driven! They have to teach for the test because their evaluation is based on how their school does on the test! Maybe PED doesn’t consider this to be “specific”–is this a play on words perhaps??

A word to parents, educators, school board members, students, retirees, and all concerned citizens–stay informed, keep fighting for our kids, our educators, and our freedom! We can’t afford to lose control of our educational system. Thanks to all the parents, teachers, and the student who spoke up in these breakout sessions!

I have put this in the form of an e-mail, because the editor of the paper will not accept another letter from me discussing CC. I have already had one letter published under “Letter to the Editor”, and the editor called me when I sent in a second letter. He told me he only allowed one letter per year per subject.

Please feel free to share this with others. I speak only for myself. Others are certainly free to have other opinions. Hopefully, we can maintain that freedom! Feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Foundations of Freedom – On Your Mark

When the founders of our government gathered to form a more perfect union, they were educated and intelligent men working carefully to assure the freedoms of the nation they were building. The documents on which they founded the relationships between the states and the formation of a federal government are legal documents that have not been rescinded. You can see the documents themselves, and the history of their formation on the website of the National Archives “Charters of Freedom”.

If we, as a people, wish to remain free, then this form of government, and the foundation documents on which it is built, need to be held close, understood and protected. They are what distinguishes us from other nations, other types of government, and what keeps us free from the tyranny of being ruled over instead of governing ourselves. This freedom is what draws the immigrant to our land. Not the money, nor the healthcare, nor the education, It is freedom that marks our place of significance in the world.

During this election year, we will be examining these foundational charters. Many express a desire to “take our nation back” and the only way to adequately attempt this is to rebuild the walls of our great nation on the foundations that brought freedom and prosperity in the beginning. People are still human, and the effects of bad government are the same ones found in all of history. In 51 BC the Roman philosopher and politician Cicero wrote that “the arrogance of officialdom must be tempered and controlled”. Nothing has changed. The founding documents were created for just this purpose. If we hold to them, the arrogant overreach of our federal officialdom can be brought down again.

The States within the United States are sovereign communities. At the beginning of our nation, they made a compact with each other, a contract by which they would relate for business, and for security. This compact constituted the plan for a federal government to serve the States. It is called The Constitution of the United States. Note that the States are the sovereign entities here. They are united by this Constitution and the Federal Government is the agent serving the states.

The powers of the Federal Government were to be delegated by the States. That means loaned by them. They are vested, not relinquished. These powers were to be “few and defined” meaning that unless they were specifically granted by the states by ratification, all powers were retained by the States or the people. Laws could only be made by Congress because in that body it is the States which impose laws on people. Federal regulations that do not originate in Congress violate these principles.

When one who is the agent of another violates the agreement by which their agency relationship is established, they have violated a fiduciary duty. Going outside the list of authorities granted is cause for legal action. In 1798 the states of Virginia and Kentucky passed a resolution declaring that the States had the right, and the obligation, to interpose between the federal government and the people if that government assumed unconstitutional authority. This was a controversial resolution, giving the states the right to declare federal laws null and void. This is the same principle by which the local sheriff, who is accountable to the people directly, might interpose against a federal action like gun confiscation.
When Federal overreach becomes offensive to the people, they will act to resist that overreach. Throughout our history the need for interposition, and even nullification of federal powers has surfaced from time to time: On your mark, it is time to get ready to take action again.

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Watch the Sheriff – That’s the One Who Watches Out for You!

Last night’s forum gave the High Plains Patriots some sound reassurances regarding protection of our Constitutional rights from the three candidates for Curry County Sheriff. One of the questions posed at the candidate forum was this:

The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: “A well- regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” County Sheriffs from over 130 counties have joined Oath Keepers a non-partisan group to indicate solidarity against violations of this Amendment and other federal encroachments on state and local rights of citizens under the Constitution. Should a County Sheriff support efforts like this to protect the Constitution particularly the 2nd Amendment? What if a demand for weapons confiscation was issued by the Federal government? What position should a Sheriff take?

Thankfully our candidates for Sheriff all confirmed that they understand that it is a function of the local Sheriff to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Each one in turn specifically affirmed that they would resist any attempt or orders from the Federal or even the State Government to confiscate weapons from citizens who legally have the right to own and bear them. This ability to answer directly to the people will become more significant with the attempts to implement more and more globalization on our very independently minded citizenry.

According to the National Sheriff’s Association:
…There are two characteristics that distinguish the Office of Sheriff. The second characteristic that sets the sheriff’s office apart from other law enforcement agencies is its direct accountability to citizens through the election of the Sheriff. The Office of Sheriff is not a department of county government, it is the independent office through which the Sheriff exercises the powers of the public trust. No individual or small group hires or fires the Sheriff, or has the authority to interfere with the operations of the office. Elected sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county. The sheriff should naturally do his best to work with all entities because it is important in a democratic society. The sheriff must work with all segments of government to serve and protect the citizens of the county.

The preservation of the Office of Sheriff is vital in our republic. Outside a few elected town marshals, the Sheriff is the only head of a law enforcement agency in this nation that is accountable directly to the people of his /her jurisdiction. In 2010, the National Sheriffs’ Association passed resolution 2010-1 that succinctly presents the reasons why the Sheriff needs to be maintained as an elected office as it has since the early history of our country.

Read more about the office of Sheriff here:

Read more about resolution 2010-1 of the National Sheriff’s Association confirming that the office of Sheriff is not controlled by government entities but is and should remain accountable to the citizens who elected them here:

Sheriff’s from across the country are standing up to Federal overreach and the attack on individual rights in our nation. We should make special efforts to strengthen our County Sheriff’s office. Citizen’s should encourage the Commissioners in every county to provide good competitive salaries, and good educational opportunities for those who will defend our most basic rights.

We have gained a new appreciation for those who serve as County Sheriff. We encourage voter’s to be informed, and to exercise their rights to elect this important law enforcement official in the coming primary in June, and after the election work to support the Sheriff’s department. We may need them in the future more than ever before.

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The Clovis News Journal isn’t Telling the Truth.

The CNJ needs some accuracy in its reporting of City Commission votes. The headline in the CNJ today says that a Chamber of Commerce request for Lodgers Tax funds to support a Chamber events coordinator salary were denied. That’s not true. Mr. Crowder requested that the Chamber salary be tabled till the next meeting while all Commissioners review the Lodger’s Tax ordinance to assure that the scope of providing a salary is within the boundaries of what is appropriate within that law. That was appropriate as evidenced by the vote of the majority of Commissioners. Notice it was “tabled” not “denied” to grant time for review.

There is a rather large amount of money disbursed from this tax revenue source, and it is appreciated whenever an elected official wants to be careful when spending tax dollars. The Lodger’s Tax fund expenditures fly under the public radar by being placed on the consent agenda, and are most often not reviewed by the Commission. Its about time they are scrutinized a little.

This is an election year, so watch for what appear to be negative reports on fiscal conservatives from this newspaper. There were other significant discussions and issues in last night’s Commission Meeting. The fact that the Lodger’s tax request by the Chamber is the one chosen for the headlines, AND that it is wrongly portrayed will give you a clue as to the kind of reporting you can expect to see over the next several months.

Read the Clovis News Journal article here:

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Put Constitutional Limits on Obamacare

Our magnificent Constitution gives us teeth for limiting the damage being caused by Obamacare. According to Charles R. Kesler in his article “The Tea Party, Conservatism, and the Constitution” the Independent Payments Advisory Board is set up to operate in an unconstitutional manner, even to the point that it limits the period in which Congress can act to repeal it to one month in all of time. To even think that Congress could not repeal a regulatory entity like this one is astounding. It is a direct attack on the people’s liberty govern themselves and is outside the scope provided in for government in the Constitution.

Obamacare itself is an attack on the Constitution and undermines the concept of natural rights. The Constitution should be used to limit the Affordable Care Act, by removing this group of 15 unelected people who are set up to make changes to the Medicare budget and limit Medicare reimbursements to doctors without Congressional approval.

There are many reforms that conservatives can bring into play during the next election. It is most important to inform the people about the rights they have, and the rights that they do not need to give up to an imperial government. It is time to apply the consent of the governed to the multitude of regulations being implemented by the government. There are ways to accomplish this, even in a divided House and Senate. Let Conservative action begin.

You can read Kesler’s article in full, to be informed, and to find a place where action can begin. A people who are well informed are less likely to remain slaves for very long. Here is the link.. its a place to begin.

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Silencing the Vote.

The Obama administration is working to silence conservative voices and hinder voter integrity by using ruthless IRS targeting and unwarranted probes by government agencies. The link posted here is the video testimony of Catherine Engelbrecht, President of True the Vote, a non-profit election integrity organization, before Congress on harrassment by the IRS and other agencies.

If the administration can slow or stop the work of such organizations, they can affect the vote that would be rightfully cast in coming elections. True the Vote is fighting back, and support is increasing. The story and video are here:
Senator Ted Cruz’s office helpfully posted a link to a full video of the testimony.

On the Home Front: In case you had not heard, Media guidelines at the Clovis News Journal have been put in place to silence the High Plains Patriots ability to speak to current issues including elections, or to respond to news articles even when the Patriots are the topic of an article. According to the guidelines:

• Writers will be limited to one letter published every 30 days and only one letter per topic per year. (no continued commenting on BHSI by anyone)
• Letters on behalf of organizations or groups will not be accepted. (no letters on behalf of the Patriots)

You can read all the guidelines here:

The News Journal is only one source of local informaiton, and we shall pursue many other options to keep you, the concerned citizen informed on local issues, and to respond. Your vote is precious, and those you elect will carry our city into new challenges in the coming years. We will not be silenced during an election year, and we will not retreat from pursuing integrity and accountability in our government officials.

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First Consequences on BHSI – Tort Claims Filed

As one prominent citizen of Clovis, a member of the CIDC, noted recently, when there are mistakes made in private industry, heads roll and someone suffers the consequences of making a bad decision. In the case of the loss of the tax payers $2.8 million in the BHSI (Beauty Health & Science Innovations, Inc.) debacle, there have been no consequences for any city official even though it is apparent that negative credit information, which should have put a halt to spending on the project, was known before city funds were spent. Until those responsible for bad decisions are held accountable, and suffer consequences, similar mistakes will continue, and justice will not be satisfied.

Yesterday the High Plains Patriots found that three tort claims against the City of Clovis were filed by the office of Michael Garrett, attorney on February 5th, 2014. These three vendors lost over $176,000 total when they were not paid by BHSI for work done on the new manufacturing plant. The reason that the claim is being made against the City is because of the assurances each received from City and/or CIDC officials.

According to the claim wording, “The City’s failure to reasonably discharge its duties and due diligence in approval of the loans to BHSI, Inc, and the false representations by the City that they had properly vetted BHSI.” was the cause of the damage suffered when each relied on representations made to them.

At more than one City Commission meeting, the High Plains Patriots had asked that the City consider finding a way to make these vendors at least partially whole, but since the contract was between the vendors and BHSI, the City was not advised that they would be able to do anything. However, attached to the tort claim, was an appeals court decision that supports the concept of a “quasi contract” when determining an equitable judgment for non-payment of services rendered. It will be very interesting to see if the City responds and accepts some responsibility for what these vendors have suffered. That is the beginning of accountability and the beginning of actual consequences.

The fact that the claims have been filed was not noted in the local newspaper. Perhaps no one told the Clovis News Journal about it, until yesterday… It will also be interesting to see if the story is reported in the days ahead.. before city elections are held.

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